Our recent projects that we are working on for 2014 are:

Fundraiser for Captain Walter’s New Boat and Engine

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 8.42.23 AMLocal fisherman, Walter Obando, saved his hard earned money for over four years in order to buy a fishing boat to help support his family.  One day, the boat burst into flames and was completely ruined.  Click here for full story… http://sweetwaterworld.org/fisherman-aid-after-fire/


Gigante Baseball Field Upgrade

The girls check out their new mitts

We spent last year fixing up the baseball field and this year is no different.   We have plans to put a chain link fence around the field, fix the dugouts, add spectator benches, add bleachers, grade the field, and add a concessions stand!   It’s gonna be a great year for the Gigante ballers!


The Sweet Water TACO STAND

IMG_0312 1It’s been a long time comin’ but Sweet Water is proud to announce Gigante’s first ever taco stand run by local women and 100% of the profits go back into our community projects!  Made with all fresh ingredients, the ladies will be debuting their homemade Mexican style tacos in the new year. 

Sweet Water also has our permanent projects that we support year round, such as:

    1. – A school supply fund geared toward equipping local children with the physical resources they need to thrive and survive in school, ie. uniforms, notebooks, pencils, pens, protractors, colored pencils and quality shoes.


    1. – Encouragement, involvement, workshops and supplies for local sports teams and salaries of local judges and scorekeepers in order to motivate players from the community to work as a team, build pride in themselves and teach perseverance to help cope/thrive in everyday life and their futures.  


    1. – A Women’s Health & Fitness Initiative, encouraging the local women to excercise and eat right, we’ve had several fitness and nutrition courses in the village.


  1. Animal Health clinics in which we introduce spay and neutering to the village pets as well as general health consultations to keep the stray population down and the overall health of the village up.



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