Handmade Plywood chair in The Sweet Water Store, Playa Gigante

As many of you may already know, Sweet Water has a non-profit store in the center of Gigante where all proceeds go back into our community projects.  This was our idea of a sustainable way to keep funding flowing.  Since part of our mission is to re-introduce a pre-war artisan culture back to this area and inspire the folks to get creative, we have begun to experiment with our own crafts before we begin teaching.

The eventual idea is to help facilitate a women’s cooperative in which the ladies of town can learn a craft (ie. Jewelry making, pottery, sewing) and make good quality, attractive pieces for travelers to take home.  The ladies make a bit of money for their families, have a sense of pride and a skill and travelers have a piece of home made Nicaragua.  A win win!

Our store itself is very DIY and features home made clothes racks from local tree limbs and our very own designed furniture and recycled pieces.   It’s our way of displaying our resourcefulness and to show locals that you don’t always need cold hard cash to make your surroundings beautiful.

Check out the store and what we’ve got inside!


Bekah holds a new prototype earring she made from local feathers purchased from local kids

Our earring display is an old screen from a window, antiqued turquoise and perfect for hanging

Our Sunglasses rack made from local posts and behind it, scrap wood from a local construction site holds our necklaces & headbands.

The ever popular Sweet Water Tank hangs from a local branch - turned clothing display.

The first Gigante T-shirts! Other styles available, happily modeled by shop employee Kevin Cortez


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